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2022 r.

Moving the headquarters of FSP “Galena” to 10 Dożynkowa Street in Wroclaw.

2021 r.

FSP “GALENA” celebrates 75 years on the market.

2016 r.

FSP “GALENA” celebrates 70 years on the market.

2016 r.

Construction of the New Finished Goods Warehouse.

2015 r.

3rd place in the competition for the beneficiary of the Lower Silesian Regional Operational Programme for the use of EU funds for investment in increasing research and production potential.

2014 r.

Receipt of GMP Certificate for the active substances manufactured.

2009 r.

Expansion of the portfolio of manufactured products to include dietary supplements.

2007-2013 r.

Under the Regional Operational Programme for the Lower Silesian Voivodship for 2007-2013: FSP “GALENA” receives funding for innovation.

2005 r.

Establishment of a new high storage warehouse for starting and packaging materials and new premises for the production preparation department.


2004 r.

Receipt of the first GMP Certificate for medicinal products.

1998 r.

Commissioning of the new Pharmaceuticals Production Division.

1997 r.

At the DIABETICA EXPO fair, the FSP “GALENA” was awarded 1st place in the diabetes drugs category for its product Calcium Dobesilate.

1988 r.

Start of production of Calcium Dobesilate, a drug that has a protective effect on capillary walls.

1974 r.

FSP “GALENA” receives the award for the best exporter in Lower Silesia.

1972 r.

Start of production of Cyclonamine, an anti-haemorrhagic drug that still holds an important position in our portfolio today.

1968 r.

Commissioning of the factory at 10 Dożynkowa Street in Wrocław.

1961 r.

Production of Paracetamol commences’ in the 1970s and 1980s we become its main producer in Poland.

1949-1950 r.

Relocation of the headquarters from Witolda Street to 62 Krucza Street.
Production of first pharmaceutical substances begins (syrups, tablets, ointments).

1946 r.

Establishment of the FSP “GALENA” company with headquarters at 72/76 Witolda Street.

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